All Things D interviews Motorola’s Christy Wyatt on their upcoming plans for Android


Back in December, All Things D had the opportunity to sit down with Christy Wyatt, corporate vice president and general manager
for mobile devices at Motorola. They discussed how Motorola plans to stand out from the rest of the manufacturers involved with Android in 2012 and beyond. Christy made it clear that, although Google is in the proccess of completing the “Googorola” merger, Moto has no plans to stand still and wait for instructions. Here’s a quote from the interview:

At the end of the day, there are certain brands that consumers trust. If you are looking for the low-cost leader, you are going to look for the low-cost leader and you are going to find that in a variety of different places. That’s generally not where you find us. People tend to go to the Motorola brand where they are looking for a brand that they trust for reliability, for quality.

Christy Wyatt is a former Apple and Palm executive. For the full run down at All Things D, be sure to check it out here.

Source: AllThingsD


  1. From the people who brought you the cliq and cliq two, that are nearly run out of business, and one of the lowest in consumer happiness compared to other competing brands such as Samsung and HTC. yeah your right when you say we expect quality from you. We have been for a while!