Good news from Asus for Transformer Prime users

Good news from Asus for Transformer Prime users

Asus heard and responded to the irate customers on Facebook and Twitter, sounding off about the locked and encrypted bootloader on the Transformer Prime.

Asus announced that it is working on a bootloader unlocking tool. But with this comes a couple of downfalls. The first is obvious: the warranty is voided. The other con to unlocking the bootloader is that Google movie rentals will be disabled. This might only affect some users, but we’re confident that some Android genius will find a way to get it working once unlocked.

The company also confirmed that it will begin rolling out an Ice Cream Sandwich OTA, worldwide for the Transformer Prime, starting January 12th. This is certainly great news for those of you that bought a Prime, and hopefully Asus will continue this trend into the new year.

So, are there any Transformer Prime users out there? How happy are you that Asus is unlocking the bootloader? Ready for ICS? Be sure to leave a comment, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Irene
    January 04, 01:23 Reply

    This is good news indeed and I’ll take it. Am close to committing.  A release date for the 64GB model would be welcomed and also some kind of test indicating actual WIFI performance (backed up with some actual science) would be nice.
    Thanks. Irene

  2. Dreichert87
    January 04, 02:00 Reply

    I preordered the Transformer Prime on December 1st….but it was just to late and i still have recieved no word on a ship date. Cancelling the preorder now that CES is right around the corner and something new and shiney will be out in no time. Snooze you loose asus!

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