LG Revolution, Droid 3, and all Verizon 4G hotspots to be discontinued this month?

There’s some end-of life rumors floating around the internet today, and one of them has us concerned. The list of devices is:

While the news of the LG revolution and hotspots don’t concern us all to much (The Revolution is part of a slew of non-familied devices, hotspots can come new in dime-a dozen format), the EOL branding on the Droid 3 does. The next in line for the Droid family, the Droid 4, has yet to be seen, yet the precursor cousin is set to be blown away? While the device isn’t all that impressive, a 6-month life span with no “offspring” in sight is a bit disconcerting.

What do you think about this rumor? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Source: The Verge

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  • Anonymous

    Sucks. But what can you do when the production machine is set to ‘crazy’?!

    • Newsreaderus

      These 2 year contracts are ridiculous as is Verizon’s $299 pricing for all their high end phones.  If they want to charge people $300 for a phone then they can’t expect us to sign a 2 year contract.  It’s B.S.

  • Guest

    What does end-of-life mean for a phone anyway? No new system updates that break things? Stop of production? Is that all? I would think the phone should still work for a long time…

  • ben-jamin

    This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I bought the D3 and now I’m stuck with it until 2013, yet its not good enough so they pull it?! Man they need to find a way for people to upgrade quicker w/o contracts. I think this is crap. 

  • Nathan

    That’s par for the course for Motorola. Same thing happened to my D2. Although the D2 global took its place, they still EOL’d it four and a half hours after it was announced, and let’s not even mention the Droid Pro ewwww. They’ve always made dependable hardware, but they EOL things so quickly it makes me want a friggin’ HTC again. Its like Motorola’s R&D has ADHD, and we’re all S-O-L because of it
    ***But hey, look on the brightside. By the time I’m due for an upgrade in April I can go out and get me a shiny new Droid 5… ***

  • JackTheMan18

    Can anyone explain why they are discontinuing the Droid 3? Does anyone have any insight into why?