Digitimes: Google’s “Nexus Tablet” to be 7-inch, cost under $200

Word on the street today is that the rumored Nexus Tablet is in fact legit and it’s aiming its cross-hairs at the Kindle Fire.  Aiming as in should be in same size and price point that is.  According to a recent Digitimes report, Google is working to release a 7-inch Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet with a $200 sticker price.  Details are naturally light at this point with even Google Taiwan acting as if they’ve never heard such rumors.

It’s hard to imagine Google not wanting to set a benchmark tablet for developers much like they have with the Nexus line of phones.  Then again, the landscape changes very quickly and there seems to be an arms race between multiple chipmakers.  Chances are good that no matter what this device features it will be trumped in no time at all.  Keep an eye on the phones announced at CES and Mobile World Congress this year and compare those to the Galaxy Nexus.  Now, amplify that a bit and you can imagine the tablet side.

Of course it could also be that Google just wants to put out a low-cost alternative to the Kindle Fire and that other tablet that people like to talk about.  Don’t worry about the specs so much but just release something that folks will have a hard time resisting.

What’s your opinion?

What type of “Nexus Tablet” would you like to see?

  • A top-of-the-line device with a lofty price?
  • An ultra-affordable product with mass appeal?
  • Something else?
  • Rick Paape

    To me a Nexus device should be the cream of the crop, somthing that should push the industry into the direction of better innovations. Not to say that there wouldn’t be a place in my home for a “cheap” Google branded tablet, I just don’t believe it would be to Google’s benefit. Amazon’s business model is similar to Apple’s with the iPad, closed systems with the only options for apps, movies, and music are through Amazon themselves providing them a profit even when they sell the device at cost. With Google’s pledge to an open OS you would be able to sideload the apps, through various other markets, thus depriving profit from themselves, making a cheap alternative an unlikely product in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t the first tablet that Google has released so I don’t see why this is such a big deal. Google’s first tablet was a 10-inch tablet running Honeycomb and that tablet is guaranteed to get an upgrade to ICS. Aside from the price there wasn’t anything wrong with Google’s original 10-inch tablet. It will be nice to have a more pocket friendly 7-inch tablet though.

    • Rick Paape

      I believe the tablet that you are refering to is the original Motorola Xoom released last year with the introduction of Honeycomb (3.0). While Motorola and Goolge worked closely together on this device it was still a Motorola tablet not a Google Nexus tablet. The Xoom wasn’t even the first Android tablet, which was the Samsung Galaxy Tab running Froyo (2.2) at the time it was released.

      • Anthony M. McAfee

        Sorry fellas, neither of those are nexus tablets. Anything google releases is nexus branded and runs vanilla Android. The xoom was a flop because google told them the OS wasn’t ready yet and Motorola couldn’t keep it’s pants on. The galaxy tablet along with any other tablets running phone OS’s, shouldn’t be considered a tablet at all because functionally, it is a giant phone that can’t make phone calls, IMO it’s not a tablet if it’s not running 3.1 or above.

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  • Anonymous

    An Intel Medfield reference tablet?

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