ShopSavvy follows Google, releases a wallet service

If you’ve been interested in Google Wallet and other similar apps, Shopsavvy has just updated to version 5.0, and they’ve added a wallet feature to the already popular app. The name, however, is abit misleading because as Alexander Muse points out here, saying “Google Wallet is like a credit card – ShopSavvy Wallet is like a pocketbook. Both are handy, but they serve very different purposes.” Essentially, the new version allows users to convert local purchases to online purchases, without ever leaving the app, it will automatically fill in the requisite form information, (name, credit card, shipping and billing address, etc…) and make the purchase for you without you ever having to go to their website and search for the item and enter that info yourself. But they really ought to take the hint that tech journals everywhere are assuming from their use of the term “wallet” that they’re competing with Google Wallet.

So we’d like to know as Google Wallet users, is this something you will check out in addition to your Google wallet, or does Google’s offering take care of enough of this for you not to want to worry about another app holding your sensitive data? Drop a comment below! You can also download the updated ShopSavvy app by using the box after the break.

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  • Amuse

    I think you are confused. Google wallet is not competitive with our wallet. You can use your google wallet inside of ours if you wish.

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  • Surfnmadness

    I see nothing about this app using NFC chip for the newer phones so how is it a competitor for G. Wallet or even ISIS Mobile Wallet?

  • Facebook User

    This week several of the Android blogs wrote about ShopSavvy Wallet
    and some asked if it was smart for us to go head-to-head with Google and
    their wallet. Many reporters have asked me, “Which is better?” My
    usual response is to ask them a question in response, “Which is better a
    credit card or a pocketbook?” Google Wallet is like a credit card –
    ShopSavvy Wallet is like a pocketbook. Both are handy, but they serve
    very different purposes. Let me try to explain.

    ShopSavvy Wallet was designed to make it easy to buy products from
    within ShopSavvy. Lets say you are standing in Sears. You scan the
    barcode of a 3D TV you want to purchase, but ShopSavvy shows you that
    Walmart has the same TV for a LOT less. If your ShopSavvy Wallet is
    setup you can tap the blue pricetag button and purchase the product
    without having to visit Walmart’s website. ShopSavvy does everything for
    you – entering your name, email, phone number, shipping and billing
    address as well as your credit card information. With one swipe of your
    finger you have saved LOTS of time and hassle.

    Today our wallet will allow you to store any credit or debit card
    like Visa, Mastercard and Amex. In the future you will be able to store
    other payment types – you will even be able to use your Google Wallet.

    Now let me explain what ShopSavvy Wallet is not – in the simplest
    terms it is not actually a wallet in the sense Google Wallet is actually
    a financial wallet. Google’s wallet is powered by Citibank – thus it is
    not just storing payment information – it is the actual financial
    instrument. ShopSavvy never charges your credit card – we let the
    merchants charge your card. Google is in the middle of the transaction
    charging your card (in most cases they are the card). We aren’t involved
    in the transaction at all. Google is intimately involved. We don’t get a
    cut of the merchant fees. We don’t get the processing fees. Google
    does. Google Wallet really is a REAL monetary device. ShopSavvy is just
    holding data to make it easier for you to buy stuff.

  • Facebook User

    I see you updated the post. Not sure our name is misleading. So a wallet usually holds credit cards and other user data. What we provide is very much a wallet. The google wallet is more like a credit card – i.e. not a holder for credit cards. So I would say their name is more misleading. Anyway, we were going to call it QuickPay, but Chase owns the trademark so we decided NOT to brand it but just be descriptive. It is a feature of our app not a standalone product. Make sense?

    • Anthony McAfee

      It makes sense. But the proof is in the pudding, Google branded their app with that name first, I get that that’s not the whole app’s purpose in your case, only a description of a feature, but whether it more accurately describes what yours does or Google’s, if multiple tech journals have made this mistake, it’s obviously at least something of a misnomer. 
      Furthermore, whether I’m right or wrong, it’s not about what I think, it’s about what people are going to think when they see your “wallet” offering now that Google Wallet is out. Which is going to be something along these lines “Oh, Shopsavvy has a wallet feature in their app now, that’s neat, but I already use Google wallet. No thank you” People don’t like redundancy of services, and they don’t like spreading their sensitive information out to more places than necessary, and as the iOS vs Android users article on your website stated, Android users don’t like giving extra permissions and don’t care why you want it. Obviously they trust Google, so in a way, you are going head to head by calling it the same thing, whether you mean to or not. 
      I revised my post after your comment, because some of what I said gave an incorrect view, but I stand by my revisions. 
      You call an undershirt and undershirt because it serves a different purpose than a shirt, it may work well with a shirt on top, it may BE a shirt, but to avoid confusion, you make the distinction, if I’m wearing a white dress shirt and my tattoos are showing through and my wife tells me I should probably wear a shirt, I’m going to think “Great idea, I’m way ahead of you.” and not think of it again. Because she tried to interest me in something I thought I already had.

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