SanDisk Memory Zone nice way to keep track of all your media everywhere

SanDisk Memory Zone nice way to keep track of all your media everywhere

SanDisk’s free Memory Zone app has caught the attention of data conscious people – like myself. The app is very easy to use, scans, indexes and backs up virtually all your media stored both locally and in the cloud. Offering to scan internal and removable SD cards, Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Docs, Facebook, Picasa and Box, you can set automatic backups and you even have the option to password protect your private files. Facebook integration also allows you to upload files from other mediums to Facebook.

I’m loving the look and color coding of the different indexes and convenient UI, the only complaint I have is, if you have a lot of similar, non specific file names for pictures, the lack of thumbnails makes it difficult to pick specific files. Videos do have thumbnails, but aren’t always correct, as your can see with the duplicate in the screenshots after the break. But for a free app, this thing is total gold, and should be exiting beta status this Monday with a rating of over 4.5 stars and over 350 thousand downloads.

Hit the code and check it out.


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  1. Josh Feuerstein
    January 07, 17:25 Reply

    Too bad it instantly force-closes on Galaxy Nexus.  Not sure if this is an Ice Cream Sandwich issue or if it has to do with the fact that there’s no SDcard.

    • Anthony M. McAfee
      January 07, 19:01 Reply

      Works on my vibrant and I’m running Ice Cream Sandwich. Always try uninstalling and reinstalling then rebooting before reopening the app.

  2. James W
    January 08, 11:28 Reply

    this is very useful,thanks for sharing

  3. Dominic Gaudreau
    December 07, 11:30 Reply

    Hi, if i try to make backup on my sandisk 8gig ultra sdhc 1 card, all work fine. But i would like to make my backup on my dropbox service and it fail. When i start the backup it take long long time before start, make copy of 10 to 15 files very very slow and after, slow down and slow down again and after noting… i wait 2 day before stop the backup and try again. same thing. I also uninstall and install again sandisk memory zone software, try to make backup on dropbox… same problem ;(

    Can you help me please?


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