TouchTec Technology brings us Capacitive Screen Compatible Gloves

TouchTec Technology brings us Capacitive Screen Compatible Gloves

The Future is here. Have you ever wanted to use your touchscreen device but it was just too darn cold? Well the delima is over.

TouchTech enabled gloves work great with all popular touchscreen devices. Very harmful to your screen, np metal dots gloves will have limited use and also can scratch up your dispay. TouchTech enabled gloves not only provide functionality that is safe on your devices, but they will keep you warm, too!

The well-known brands that now offer TouchTech enabled gloves are Ansell, Hawkeye, Burton and Harley Davidson to only name a few. This product can be purchased online at stores like and Sharper Image. Even retail stores like Bloomingdale’s will sell gloves with this popular technology. Just ask or search for TouchTec!

What will your next pair of gloves let you do? Let us know below and check out the video for more information!



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    January 10, 00:19 Reply

    I had a pair of ski gloves that did this. Cost me $5. Worked find with my HTC Desire while snowing in Japan. It was awesome :)

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