Samsung Captivate finally gets Gingerbread update

Samsung Captivate finally gets Gingerbread update


While most of us are out there talking ICS (Android 4.0), we forget about some of the users who still haven’t seen some older updates. To drive the point home, the Samsung Captivate has finally gotten its update to Gingerbread (Android 2.3). According to Samsung, the update includes:

  • Download management
  • New layout for larger fonts
  • Word prediction, multi-touch for numerical input
  • One-touch word selection and copy/paste
  • Fixed Top-menu in Gmail
  • Voice Search added into the search categories
  • Vertical play mode added to YouTube
  • 3D graphic driver updates
  • Additional Khronos standard such as OpenSL ES, EGL for better multimedia performance
  • Concurrent Garbage Collector  technology embedded to reduce lags in games

The update is available to users through Kies, and you can snag the directions directly from the source link below.

Source: Samsung

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  1. Chip-heads
    January 10, 15:24 Reply

    Why is this news? I got my gingerbread update from rogers back in September

  2. GiqueGEAR_Todd
    January 10, 23:34 Reply

    Thank you, Google, for solving this problem in Android 4.0.  Getting Gingerbread now is pathetic.

  3. Anonymous
    January 11, 05:20 Reply

    Samsung will be releasing a new Galaxy S series phone soon that is guaranteed to support every future version of Android up to the version that starts with the letter Z.

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