Android A85 Superfone with Gesture Control

Android A85 Superfone with Gesture Control

Micromax and eyeSight partner up to create what seems to be a new type of smartphone. Although, their Android A85 Superfone boasts ordinary specs for today’s standard. This devices offers a 1GHz Dual Core processor, of the Tegra 2 variety, a 3.8” display, and offers Gesture Control.

Micromax and eyeSight are marketing this phone with “simple hand gestures” that allow you to do easy tasks with quick gestures. These tasks include, answering calls, switching eBook pages, controlling the music player, viewing photos, and playing games.

With the specs listed above, it seems that Micromax and eyeSight are relying on the gesture features that the A85 will offer. Oh, and did we mention that this phone will ship with Froyo (Android 2.2)?

EyeSight is currently showcasing this device at CES 2012. There is currently no information about a release date or pricing, but stay tuned to and we will keep you updated.

Source: Press Release

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