Sony Smartwatch to be Launched in Conjunction with Xperia S

Sony Smartwatch to be Launched in Conjunction with Xperia S

It seems that smart watches are a bit of a theme at this year’s CES. Motorola debuted an MP3-focused smart watch (though not Android based), and earlier today we told you about the I’m Watch. As an upgrade to the LiveView that they released last year, Sony revealed the SmartWatch (which begs the question of what we’re supposed to call other smart watches). The SmartWatch sports a 1.3-inch color OLED touchscreen that displays information from your phone when the two are paired together.

Users can see texts, tweets, Facebook posts, and even control music, all from the comfort of their wrist. What’s better is that due to the Android OS, enhancement apps can be downloaded via the Market to spruce up the experience. The SmartWatch should be coming out in Q1 of this year with a price tag of £100 (about $153).

So do you like Sony’s SmartWatch? Do you think advanced watches are overrated? Sound off in the comments!

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    • Mitch Wright
      January 17, 22:54 Reply

      Not waterproof, but water-resistant. I wouldn’t trust it landing in a pool of water, but it should stand up to a quick splash or sweat.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. Ilya Eliseev
    January 12, 09:35 Reply

    I prefer Rolex……When will they release mechanic facebook compatible Bluetooth watch ?

  2. Birdman733
    January 13, 07:50 Reply

    Will it be compatible with other phone besides Sony branded phones? If so I’d look into one.

    • Mitch Wright
      January 17, 22:52 Reply

      From what I can tell from their site, it’s compatible with Android phones and “optimized” for the Xperia line. So I’d say yes for other phones and, yeah, I wouldn’t mind having one myself. ;-)
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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