Original ASUS Transformer to Receive ICS Update Soon?

Android 4.0 a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich is nowadays what every Android fanboy dreams about. We are all looking forward to more ICS powered devices like Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime. However, we shouldn’t forget devices that were launched last year and are expected to receive the ICS update!

Right now, I have some good news for all the ‘original’ Transformer users – Android Police is reporting that ASUS  told them that their first ever tablet will receive the mighty update in early February. That this update will go out first in Taiwan and USA, so folks in other countries will have to wait a little bit longer. 

On the other hand, ASUS Singapore is reporting that the update is approved by Google and ASUS will launch the update by the end of this month. Now, what we know is that the update is either coming by the end of this month or in early February, but at least we know it’s coming.

It’s good to see that ASUS hasn’t forgotten about their first tablet, and this type of quick reaction is appreciated by all of us Android users.

Anyone using the ASUS Transformer out there? Are you excited? Or you are planning to buy the Transformer Prime? Tell us about your thoughts below.

Source: Android Police. 

  • Martin Leonard

    can’t wait!  Am hitting the check update at least once a day in hope.

    • Peter Loht

      I am also doing the same on my TF101

  • Ewsteen

    Bought a Transformer in Nov, after Asus had made comments that it would also upgrade it. Good to see they are keeping their promise 🙂


    Yeah, I’m eager to get the update.

  • LqM

    Wait a bit longer. Many owners of the new Transformer Prime are having random reboots after their ICS 4.0.3 update. Well discussed over at the XDA forums.

  • Anonymous

    Considering how fast Tegra 2-based tablets perform under ICS there’s really no reason to spend the extra cash on the Transformer Prime.

  • Daryl Johnston

    This should come as no surprise to any of us Transformer owners. ASUS has been very quick (and frequent) with their updates since I first bought mine in July. I’ve been checking everyday for the past week – just in case! I have no doubt they’ll get it right, and it will be sooner than later. 2012 will be a banner year for ASUS.

  • Amenra550

    Yea can’t wait for it

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  • Anonymous

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  • Jolaca01

    I am glad about this news, I am very happy with the transformer and not planning to upgrade right now. However in the future I will consider Asus because of their good upgrade policies.

  • Great product! I am very happy with my transformer. I don’t see any point of buying another. I will consider Asus when I am looking to buy in the future tho. 

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