PlayCast Receiver Streams your Android Music


Phorus announced at CES21012 their new PlayCast Receiver for Android powered devices. The PlayCast Receiver will alleviate the need to plug your phone into your audio system. Essentially, the Receiver adds wireless streaming to audio systems that do not currently offer it. The PlayCast is a small device that plugs into your speakers line-out jack, and then connects to your Android device via WiFi.

The PlayCast Receiver works in conjunction with the PlayCast application. The application will index your music library automatically so you can easily stream your music. You can also stream your music over Bluetooth (with any device/ app) for wireless streaming. Although, using the PlayCast application will offer better sound quality.

The PlayCast Receiver will be available in March for a steep price of $150 and the application will launch simultaneously.

Source: Press Release


  1. Does this index and play all the music that is on Google Music for me?  or is this just stuff I happen to have on my device at the moment?   I generally keep very few songs on my device full time anymore.  Only when I travel and I know that I’m going to be truly off the 3G and wireless grids do I bother to download.