Beyond Black and White: Which color phone would you carry?

Beyond Black and White: Which color phone would you carry?

More often than not we find ourselves buying a black smartphone with either silver or grey accents.  Sure, there’s the occasional white handset or special edition of an existing handset, but typically it’s the same stuff all around.

In light of the recently announced Droid Razr Purple we began wondering how big the target audience is for a colored smartphone here in the United States. Are there enough people out there to merit this new special edition or has Motorola and Verizon already wasted resources?

Hit the poll below and tell us what color phone you might carry in your pocket. Feel free to select any or all that apply!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 16, 18:57 Reply

    The blue Lumia 800 is the most beautiful phone I’ve ever seen. If there were an Android phone that looked like that I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Black/White/Silver phones all end up looking like iPhones on one level or another. I like seeing some creativity in hardware designs. Those who say there’s no room to make a touchscreen slate phone that looks unique have no imagination.

  2. Tojen1981
    January 16, 19:24 Reply

    Since id guess most smartphone users buy cases for their phones, this seems kind of pointless. I like the color purple, but I would have a case on it within a few days anyway. Plus it could hurt resell value assuming you worry about that sort of thing.

  3. Chips
    January 17, 03:33 Reply

    Personally I like darker colors they are more attractive looks more official

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