Galaxy S owners still have a glimmer of ICS hope

Galaxy S owners still have a glimmer of ICS hope

Alright Galaxy S and original Galaxy Tab owners, prepare for another whip in the wind of Samsungs mood swings! As I’m sure you’ve heard, Samsung’s buzz in regards to delivering a tasty Ice Cream Sandwich to us in the form of a Galaxy S update has been, “No, we won’t” “Yes, we will” “No, we won’t” and now, thanks to the uproar of users who are rightfully upset, they’ve swung back to the “Yes, we will” side of things. Although I’m already running ICS on my Vibrant, I’m ecstatic for stock users, even if they are still in the “Internal discussions” phase.

The kicker in all of this is the reason they are having trouble at all. You’ve met the Nexus S, the less popular cousin of the Galaxy S. It runs pretty much identical hardware, with the exception of the NFC chip, and Nexus S users are enjoying their updates already with no problems. So why aren’t Galaxy S users as quick to get updates? Their OEM TouchWiz bloatware, that most people I know replace with a different launcher anyway. Apparently, even though 512 MB of RAM is plenty to support ICS, it can’t also manage the bloatware Samsung has packaged with their Galaxy S devices.

While Samsung has once again said they’ll find a way to deliver ICS, we’ll believe it when we see it. So is anyone out there using a stock Samsung Galaxy S? Do you think Sammy will come through with ICS? Let us know in the comments!

Source The Verge

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  1. Tsulkalu
    January 16, 11:12 Reply

    Your source is dated 27 December…

  2. Anonymous
    January 16, 11:31 Reply

    I’m excited for the next Samsung’s “No, actually we won’t” statement.

  3. NexusSbabE
    January 16, 11:45 Reply

    Nexus S owners haven’t gotten their updates yet either, if you did your research you would see that they stalled it based on reports that it ruined battery life. So be patient!

  4. Anonymous
    January 16, 12:06 Reply

    The Galaxy S has problems with ICS becausd of the /system partition which is around 200mb or some. That’s the reason the Nexus One hasn’t get the update aswell. The Nexus S has 512mb, and the Nexus S ICS ROM is around 300mb deodexed and even a bit more odexed. And the Nexus S started OTA again on the old build if I am not mistaken

  5. Vicky
    January 16, 12:24 Reply

    Still running on stock….
    Don’t know how to root and no time also.

    Coming back to main topic, If samsung abandon his prime customers, believe me me we also paid almost same amount as what now guys are paying for new phones.
    If samsung can’t think about us then definitely next time we are forced to think twice before buying samsung products

  6. Jojo
    January 17, 04:18 Reply

    I’m on stock + root and don’t need to have ICS.

  7. Meadrealty
    January 19, 09:48 Reply

    3 days ago I downloaded from KIES update to Firmware ver 2.3.5, Build number GINGERBREAD.UCKK4
    seem to work well.
    miss ability to swich of Data via on/off switch

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