Is Asus planning launch a Transformer Prime 3G?


The Asus Transformer Prime, which was recently updated to ICS, is certainly a powerhouse in the Android tablet world. Currently, the Prime is Wi-Fi only, and if you are expecting a 3G version as well, then you’re probably out of luck. FocusTaiwan is reporting that, in response to a 3G Prime, Asus stated that “no such product exists” on their current roadmap.

One of the reps we’ve talked to indicated that it would arrive later, much like the original Transformer model. Of course, we’re no strangers to companies changing their statements (we’re looking at you, Samsung) on a particular product.

So is anyone holding out for a 3G Transformer Prime? Perhaps a 4G variant? Drop a comment below!

Source UnwiredView


  1. Here’s a thought. Asus will be introducing their GSM based Padfone which is a 4.3″ Android smart phone. It has the ability to dock into a 10″ screen to then function as a tablet. If that tablet dock has a dock that could be used with the keyboard dock, then there could be the rationale to a 3G Transformer Prime. And since the phone becomes the tablet, there won’t be a need to tether such as the wifi only version. 

  2. Until at&t/Verizon/sprint start offering “bucket plans” for data I just can’t see the mobile data-enabled tablet market taking off. That or subsidize it on a 1yr. contract which won’t happen.

  3. Promissing product. But wirhout 3 G mobility – the primary focus is not given. Ive to search for Alternatives. Bad, i would like the Transformer Prime with 3 G.