Samsung considering licensing Blackberry, sources indicate

According to a hot new rumor from Boy Genius Report‘s Jonathan Geller, Samsung is taking a look at licensing pieces of Blackberry’s OS. In a move that would help Samsung create added features for their Android smartphones, it opens up the idea of integrating Blackberry messenger. Geller indicates that Samsung is taking the situation seriously however they’re not quite ready to pull out the wallet.

Rumors have RIM entertaining the notion of either selling outright or licensing pieces and parts to other players. The problem is that RIM’s co-CEO’s are asking for far too much at this point. Valued at roughly $8.5 billion by industry analysts, the word on the street is that RIM wants something in the range of $12 billion to $15 billion for full-scale sale.

Blackberry Envy?

What Blackberry features would you like to see come to Android? Are there any integrated apps or services that you’d like to have on your next Galaxy device?

  • Cosnidering? Really???

    • Anonymous

      It’s always good when they cosnider

  • imagine if sammy bought out RIM it would almost automatically put it ahead of apple or any other phone manufacture . it would take the lead in buisness user and the casual smartphone users. Just a thought

    • Mil

      I don’t think RIM is up for sale, it’s just Blackberry OS. Samsung already use android, Bada and windows phone 7. I’m not sure how a 4th mobile OS would fit in that. Also, what parts of Blackberry would be beneficial to their android handsets? BBM? Don’t think so as android already has things whatsapp which is cross platform and BBM isn’t.

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  • Ricardo Quental

    Hi there… In my opinion new thec it s always wellcome but the onlything i d realy want to see in my sgs II it the built in compress data for network traffic. That was the onoy thing i realy want.
    thanks and keep going…

  • UbuntuMan

    How about…None!!!

  • OK let’s all remember that when it comes to Enterprise, no companies trust any handheld device (I am talking Fortune 500 here) more than Blackberry, period.

    So by leveraging blackberry applications on Droid means that Droid COULD be accepted by Enterprise because they wouldn’t have to ditch the current blackberry investment.. So think about adding a droid (via an app) to the blackberry server to be managed and get messages without introducing something NEW into the enterprise. The APP would be managed, but not the entire phone, since the APP is the only thing that needs access….

    I believe this would definitely give Droid an Edge over iOS *AND* Windows mobile.  Our CIO (and CIO magazine execs agree) said that we are STILL officially Blackberry Device — ONLY–.  we may support ALL phones via the exchange web access, but that may be turned OFF at any moment if there is a problem with devices (like malware).  If some users have a problem with their device, tough.  If it’s not supported (meaning it’s a BB) they get ZERO help.  This includes ALL tablets, Apple phones, Windows mobile, and droid.. but if the Droid includes BB APP, then all the droid needs is the basic Internet package, to connect, therefore the BB APP is how people read emails.. 

    I don’t like BB in particular, but it DOES mean Droid would host the BB app, and my Droid could be considered for company use, which means I get reimbursed.. AND supported as a result.  At least as far as using my phone to connect to the corporate email.

    I know GMail and touchdown work NOW but many CIO’s are considering turning OFF those features to allow non-blackberry’s to connect to internal email, other companies are considering doing the same thing now.  

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to carry a CRAPberry myself.. but if all I need is an app to get on (email), that would be acceptable.

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