Quad-core HTC Edge gets new code name ahead of MWC


The quad-core HTC Edge has received a new code name just weeks before an assumed Mobile World Congress announcement.  Known as the Edge by those inside HTC as well as bloggers and enthusiasts, the handset is said to have picked up a new codename of Endeavor.  It’s unknown why it would get a change this late in the game as it’s expected that HTC will be unveiling the smartphone at MWC in Barcelona next month.

According to information obtained by Pocketnow, the Endeavor may ultimately carry a retail name of Supreme when it debuts.  It’s quite possible that us living in the United States will see the phone under a completely different name once a carrier gets their hands on it.




  1. I really thought that android smart phones going forward would have software buttons, especially if releasing with ICS. I guess I was wrong.

    • The concept design may have been produced pre ICS, therefore the device may ship without the capacitive touch soft buttons. If by chance the phone launches with the soft buttons, then it will probably ship with GB first then upgrade to ICS. If that happens the upgrade to ICS will rid the device of the use of the soft buttons, allowing for the navigation buttons to be integrated into your home screen.

      I know this to be true because my htc flyer (7in tablet) was recently upgraded to honeycomb 3.2 from GB 2.3.4. Before the upgrade there were capacitive touch soft buttons, but after the upgrade those buttons were no longer enabled because the buttons were now integrated into the home screen. The soft buttons no longer light up, and you hardly even notice that they were ever there.

  2. I really hope HTC makes this a Global Pentaband device with 3G/HSPA+ just like the GNex and bring this to multiple carriers..now that will be one heck of a seller. Even though i am loving my GNex i will gladly buy this power hse as well. Hope they will up the camera on this device to say 12Mpx and maybe make a bold move and make it pure vanila ICS or give one the option at boot up to choose between pure Vanila Android or with Sense UI. Hey and hope a bigger battery about 2000mAh or a back cover that will make it easy to add a bigger accessory battery. I love HTC..loved my N1 so much i was reluctant to put it away despite few short comings…those being the meager internal storage, 512Mb RAM and 1400mAh battery but still was an awesome device.