A Blurred Vision of a New Casio Android Handset

A Blurred Vision of a New Casio Android Handset

We have news from someone in the Android community who was fortunate enough to spend some time in a Casio focus group recently. He came away with a spec list for a new Casio phone that may be of some interest. It was also mentioned that most of these devices were headed to Verizon.

The phone that stood out the most we’ll call “Kahoona”.

It’s possibly:

-7.9mm in thickness
-4.5″ – 4.7″ Super AMOLED display
-quad-core processor, NFC
-8MP rear camera
-2MP front camera
-2000 mAh battery
Rumor has it running the “latest Android” version (possibly ICS). The USB port was on the top left, headphone jack on the top right, micro SD on the left side of the phone, and the volume rocker and lock switch were on the right. Those were the only physical buttons, meaning this could have on-screen soft keys like we have seen on the Galaxy Nexus. The reader described the phone as “beautifully simplistic” and mentioned that the top and bottom were slightly curved.

Other Phones:

*The reader saw 4 different clam shell devices that act as any other device does. You are able to fully multi-task between the screens, drag and drop from one to the other, etc. He did mention that they were ultra-slim as well.
*A new G’Zone phone was also there, as big as the “Kahoona”, similar to the previous G’Zone phones as a ruggedly built machine.
* 5″ Phones: There was a mockup of a big 5″ white phone. Our reader said that it looked nice, but didn’t feel all that great in hand. Could have been the mockup though.

Take it with a grain of salt if you will, but focus group sightings often come to light. Does a Casio phone interest anyone? Even with those specs? Leave us a comment if you’re expecting to see something big come from the Casio name?

Source: Droid-Life for more from the focus group

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  1. Bobsmith
    April 25, 00:03 Reply

    I would  love to see a new casio g’zone phone. The brigade and ravine II are not up to snuff. Plus, they cost more than a new IPhone!!!!

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