I’m Circle is your central processing device

Have you every imagined a device so powerful it treats all other device like ‘periphals?’ Meet i’m Core. i’m Core made by the same company that produces i’m Watch, powering all your devices integrated into a ‘i’m Circle’. i’m Core powers all other i’m Circle devices. Incoming call? i’m Core forwards it to your phone. Want to watch a movie? It automatically streams to your TV, may you wish to do so.

Of course it would have to use a very, very powerful SoC to power all those devices, most likely a quad core or perhaps two quad cores – which should technically speaking be possible. Of course the device is powered by Android 4.0, therefore being able to use different UI’s using the same system.

Want to buy one? You’re not the only one, but you’ll have to wait until the end of 2012. Another reason to hope the world as we know it won’t end I guess.

Enough with the chatter, I suggest you check out the video below, it pretty much explains everything.


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