Poll: Ever considered a “rugged” Android?

We’re curious to see just how many typical Android users would consider buying a “rugged” smartphone.  Hence the quickie poll below.  Have you ever thought about getting an Android handset that lets you submerge it in water, kick it, throw dirt in its face, or drop it?  Why or why not?

Leave an answer in the poll below and then tell us a bit more about your use case in the comments!


  • I would absolutely consider something like a ruggedized Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or Razr, but most of the rugged phones I’ve seen are pretty pathetic as far as internals go. I don’t care if it can stand up to a grenade if its barely usable as a smartphone.

    • Ron

      I have to agree. When I first heard of the Defy, I thought we might be entering an era where all new phones were sure to be tougher. Seems that isn’t the case, manufacturers still make us choose between tough and fast.

      I understand that there is usually a choice between tough and pretty, and I think tough beats pretty (assuming equally fast).

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  • Trevor Nared

    Well, considering that most people slap on a gaudy case on their phone and some kind of screen protector, I haven’t seen the need to buy a terrible looking and mostly decent performing phone. There should simply be more ways to design phones that will make them tougher. I liked the idea of the HTC Sensation (ok, so I bought one) where you can easily replace the entire cover of it for a new one, and boom, looks brand new. Instead we get very cheap plastic (looking at you Samsung) or glass covering the entire phone (iPhone), or Kevlar battery doors that don’t really provide any protection to the phone outside of it being cool to have (Moto). I do think with companies realizing that putting out 30 phones a year is idiotic and we will see better looking and performing phones because R&D is more concentrated. Or Samsung releases 30 variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but one can pray.

  • I have a Casio Commando (the center phone above) – aside from the somewhat silly name, it’s a great phone. 

  • Dino Ponti

    Was considering a Defy for a while but couldn’t stand the thought of living with an Eclair device. Ended up buying a Nexus S. Casio Commando never made it here to the Philippines.

  • zero

    Yes but i despise verizon

  • Karen J.

    Certainly! But it’s gotta look good. Girls need tough gear too! I’m a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer, so I need a tough, reliable phone, with a little style.

  • yeah absolutely…
    why not?
    i love outdoor activity..

  • martin clinton

    For out and about I’ve bought a SIM free Xperia active, which is great. Sure the screen’s a bit small, but I’m not using it to browse the web, just to take calls/texts. Check out the youtube videos (e.g. active vs. Jeep Wrangler) of people trashing the active to see its pretty robust.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve considered the Motorola Admiral but a 3.1″ LCD screen and single core processor are so 2008. But I really would love to have a keyboard like that and the form factor is one ive loved since the Palm Pixi. If they had done a 3.1″ SAMOLED with a Tegra 2 or dual core Snapdragon or TI, with Android 4.0 I would have bought it. Actually with the current specs if Motorola had put the Admiral on their Android 4.0 upgrade list would have been enough for me to bite also.

  • A rugged phone would be great for travel and camping but unless the battery life is increased don’t see the point.  Where I need a rugged phone there is usually no or infrequent power supply, so don’t use the phone much and it stays safe in plastic bag in backpack turned off

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  • Sdny8

    I work for a utility company and would love a gnex that was waterproof shockproof and sported about a 2800mah battery. I just dont want to sacrifice screen CPU and os just to get a rugged phone. I would go as far as saying most people would be willing to spend as much as $150 more for the goodies if it also included a aluminum case. Although I vote for $200 more with a magnesium case

  • Eric Wilson

    I would love that.  Working in a shop I have to use a case or dust gets in my phone.  If they could stop that, plus make it waterproof and rugged!!!!!  I would go for that.  I like a huge screen though.  I have an EVO but after almost 2 years, even that screen is looking a little small.  They do that to a 5 inch phone, with NFC, 1.5 GHz at least, 8MP camera 2MP front cam, dedicated cam button, with HDMI out and make it easy to put CM9 on there and not loose HDMI entirely, I would definitely go for that. 

  • Deon Engelbrecht

    I currently use a Sonim XP3000 and it is excellent but I really need a ruggardised smartphone for more functionality when I am out in the mountains!

  • Alzn

    Rugged dumbphone user here.(Casio Excilim) I need to catch up with the rest of the world.