Dolphin Browser HD releases Skitch and Evernote add-ons

Dolphin Browser HD releases Skitch and Evernote add-ons

Dolphin Browser HD is one of the most popular third-party browsers on Android, and with countless add-ons to expand functionality, it’s easy to see why. The Dolphin team has introduced two new add-ons via their blog: Evernote and Skitch. Let’s start with the former, shall we?

The Evernote add-on brings a very useful feature to Dolphin Browser HD: the ability to clip any text from a webpage, and save it in your Evernote account. Evernote stores notes and data in the cloud, so you’ll always be able to access it. This feature could be quite handy if you’re browsing recipes, or taking notes for a term paper. The uses for the Evernote add-on are nearly endless.

Skitch is a popular Android app that lets users draw and play around with images and screenshots. The add-on brings this functionality to Dolphin Browser HD, so users can share their favorite screenshots and images with friends.

These two add-ons bring even more versatility to Dolphin Browser HD, and the Dolphin team promises more useful add-ons throughout the year, so stay tuned to AndroidGuys for all the latest and greatest coverage on those! You can download the Sketch or Evernote add-ons by using their respective boxes below. Anybody tried one of them yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!



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