Original Evo 4G and Evo View 4G reaching end of life

Original Evo 4G and Evo View 4G reaching end of life

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’ seems to fit here. We all know nothing lasts forever in the world of mobile technology. We’ve gotten word from our friends over at Sprint Feed, and the end-of-life (EOL) report has been updated, with a couple new players left out in the cold. Namely, the HTC Evo View 4G and the original 4G device, the Evo 4G. This news comes just days after rumors that the HTC Flyer may be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future. Of course, the Evo View 4G is Sprint’s version of the Flyer, and it recently got updated to Honeycomb.

 If you happen to own one of the devices and are in need of replacement, you may possibly receive a slight upgrade if there are none in stock. One can only hope that Sprint has some more 4G devices in the works to replace these powerhouses.

So, any Evo 4G or Evo View owners out there? Are you sad to see your device reach the end of life on Sprint? Drop a comment below!

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  1. TheBrownWelsh
    January 25, 17:40 Reply

    I’ve had an EVO 4G for 2yrs, and though it has been my trusted powerhouse with no personal contenders, I’m still bitter that I’ve never seen a lick of 4G here in Olympia. Sad to see it hit retirement, but excited to see what replaces it in terms of stature.

  2. Justin Shidell
    January 25, 18:49 Reply

    Still have my EVO 4G, and plan to continue using it with CM9 support. 

    It still runs more than fast enough for what I use it for, and has features even newer phones lack (front-facing camera, etc.)

  3. Doug Fiedor
    January 25, 19:35 Reply

    I bought one of the very first EVO 4G phones and it still works just fine.  It’s running stock, too.   I may root it to run ICS someday.  But, maybe not.  It doesn’t really need fixing because it ain’t broken. 

    OTOH, my eyes are getting old and that Note sure looks tempting. . . .  

  4. Gail
    January 25, 20:55 Reply

    I love my EVO.Best phone I ever had. Still does everything better than most phones out there.

  5. Mikefelton85
    January 25, 21:22 Reply

    Evo 4G has the worst internal storage ever. I never felt so limited in the apps I can download. Thats the only issue I have had with the evo4G. XPERIA ION is my next phone. i am a pure sony fanboy.

  6. Inbody
    January 26, 09:56 Reply

    My EVO is still a good phone, although I am a bit miffed at the way it handles storage.  I am always working with files sizes.  However, it still appears to be an adequate device and I rarely find myself cursing it.  I would love to see ICS on it and if Sprint does not choose do do that, I will likely go with Cyanogen Mod.  I would like to hear from those who have done that to get the pros and cons of such a mod.

    My next phone, at least right now, will likely be a Motorola Photon because of the ability to take it overseas.

    • Bpuc
      January 26, 20:29 Reply

      HTC has an excellent interface and I just rooted and changed mine to CM 7.1. Not worth the trouble! You will find that the interface is not as slick and slower. Yes you can install over lock apps and things, but just not as well designed (for the Evo) as HTC sense and the stock ROM.

  7. Ty
    January 26, 11:03 Reply

    I’ve owned the EVO 4g and the upgraded to the EVO 3d for the space and I also own the EVO View.  I’m sad to see the EVO View reach EOL but it’s a great tablet.

  8. Destry
    January 26, 20:20 Reply

    I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and it still works great. Just bought a 3500 ma battery from amazon for $8 and now the thing runs for almost 2 days with normal usage. I won’t upgrade until I can get a new one with 2 days of battery. I’m stock with root but I did try deck-ics and I can’t wait until it’s a bit more stable or go with cm9.

  9. Gbc
    January 29, 04:06 Reply

    EOL coming just as Galaxy Nexus is ready to hit the stage. It will be a perfect transistion…

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