T-Mobile next in line to offer Galaxy Nexus?

New details have surfaced this week which indicate that T-Mobile may be next in line to offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  According to information dug up by CellPhoneSignal, a Samsung T-999 has been spotted online carrying the same 1280X720 display resolution.  As some of you know the ‘T’ prefix and last digit of  ‘9’ are usually great indicators that T-Mobile will be the carrier tied to the device.

Of course it’s possible that this could be a completely different model from Samsung with the same display resolution.  On the other hand, it makes more sense to see the Galaxy Nexus simply hitting new carriers.

Anyone excited at the idea of pairing the Galaxy Nexus with T-Mobile’s rate plans?

  • Anonymous

    Could that also be the Blaze?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I believe that is the conclusion that TmoNews came to.

      • Anonymous

        I’m skeptical it’s the blaze. We’ve never seen the blaze mentioned with an HD screen.

    • Anonymous

      The Blaze doesn’t have an HD screen.

  • Plainejamez2823

    I’m already using with T-Mob it’s about time 

  • cool post! thanks for sharing)))

  • Anonymous

    I hope Tmo finally gets the galaxy nexus , even though I already have mine on T-Mobile that I bought in December.I want to see this phone sell well, so the more carriers the better.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes!  Carrier support -> Developer support and more accessories

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