[Video] Kinect hacked to work on Android, includes proof of concept


The idea of motion control is nothing new. The idea of motion control on Android? Well, that’s a bit of a different story. Using a projector, a Galaxy Nexus, a Kinect attached to a PC, some software (Simple-Kinect-Touch 2.0), and an AOSP ROM, this is now a reality. The AOSP ROM communicates with the Kinect, and allows the user to use motion control to control the system. Sound too good to be true? Check out the video below. Yes, this is extremely alpha, but definitely gets us technophiles drooling for more.



  1. It’s not connected to the Nexus directly, its connected to a PC, and the PC is connected to the nexus.

    “Simple Kinect touch running on a Windows PC is used to send TUIO events to the Android device. The Galaxy Nexus is connected to the projector with a MHL adatper.”

  2. One application dying to be created is one for musicians. For Sheet Music, the ability to load a piece of music onto a tablet then control page turns or jumps to repeats/verses/codas/etc using unique gestures, which a kinect type capability tablet can use via the built in cameras.