Kindle Fire Neck and Neck with Galaxy Tab


Android Tablets are quickly catching up with iPads and TabClones for market shares, and we have our non-Google 7-inch powerhouse the Kindle Fire to thank.

It’s blazed past all competitors in 2 short months since it’s release in November to now be neck-and-neck with the Samsung Galaxy Tab for the title of “Most Used Android Tablet” Check it out:

My question is: How in the world did such a mediocre Tablet with a muddied up UI that hardly resembles a true android do this to our tried-and-true Samsung? Flurry says “Amazon’s launch of Kindle Fire had more in common with an Apple-style launch than it did with aligning with the Android system.” So instead of bragging that we can hit 210 MPH and have no rev limiter, the competition should have been attracting people with a pretty open hood-scoop and nice suspension for a smooth ride.

Turns out even tech geeks get weak in the knees something that just works.

After acquainting the Fire’s success with Apple’s, this next statistic should come as no shock;


That means for every dollar spent by Galaxy Tab users, Kindle Fire users are Spending $2.53, and that’s Impressive. Kudos, Amazon.

Who out there has a Fire? Are you spending more money on apps than you did on your old tablet? Hit the comments below!


  1. Fron my personal stand point from working at an electronics deparment you nailed the just works part. Tons of people come in for it because it is easy and its a good name behind it. I can honestly say from personally selling near 200 that half those people are regular consumers who just know its a kindles, they don’t know the difference between any of the models. Only maybe 10% of those people know and actually use android. But it happens to be doing one more thing. People are coming in and looking at it, then asking if there is anything bigger. At my store we’ve sold more android tablets period since the fire started bringing people in than the entire timeframe from when we started carrying the xoom near launch. So i think we should be thanking amazon. Also, this is my longest comment ever.