Survey shows Android users more likely to use their devices on the toilet


We here at Android Guys like to cover only the most important, relevant news to our readers’ lives. The latest and greatest phones, security updates, and – of course – which mobile users are probably tweeting from the toilet (or “twoilet”, as it were).

According to a recent survey by 11mark, 87% of a pool of 1,000 people that were Android users admitted to being pretty darn likely to use their device while taking the Browns to the Super Bowl. Next in line is Blackberry users at an 84% likelihood of texting at the log cabin, followed by 77% of iPhone users facebooking at the oval office.

So next time you Spotify while you’re at the Johnny-On-The-Spot, remember that you’re not alone out there. Let us know what you think in the comments, if you dare.

Source: IT In The Toilet via Android Central


  1. At least at my company, the Blackberry-toting sales guys are about a thousand times more likely to answer the phone and hold a lengthy conversation while on the john in the public restroom. It freaks me out every time.

  2. Somewhere out on reddit is a post about someone who installed a whole new ROM on his Android whilst doing his business.   I think that’s pretty easy to accomplish, even, um, one handed, given ROM Manager and other apps like it.  

    Try doing THAT on your iPhone.