Docomo and Disney announce pair of Android devices, Mickey Mouse fans rejoice

This one is coming from Tokyo, as Docomo and Disney have announced two Android handsets, presumably aimed at Disney lovers. First, we have the Docomo F-08D, which will be packing a 4.3-inch 720 x 1280 display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core OMAP4430 processor, and a microSD card slot. The F-08D will be available in shiny pink and shiny white.

Moving on, the Docomo P-05D will feature a 4.3-inch display as well, but with a lower resolution of 540 x 690. It’s worth noting that, while the resolution is less that that of the F-08D, this display is qHD. Under the hood is a 1 GHz dual-core OMAP4430 processor, and will be available in pure white and pure white.

Both devices will feature a Disney-inspired UI, complete with icons and additional apps. We should also mention that both are waterproof. The F-08D is set for a February release, while the P-05D will see a March launch. Both devices will only be available in Japan, and it’s unlikely that either will see a European or U.S. launch.

So, do we have any readers in Japan that are looking forward to these devices launching? Are you planning on getting one when it drops? Let us know in the comments!

Source NTTDocomo