GetGlue Android app updated, new features in store

GetGlue, a popular check-in service, has just updated their Android app, and there are a few new features included for users. Namely, the addition of an organized stream that lets you see what your friends have been doing lately. Comments are overlaid on top of logos for shows, which gives a uniform experience.

The update also brings conversations to the GetGlue app, so now you can see what your friends and others are saying about your favorite show, as you watch it. Last but not least, the GetGlue implemented guides into the new version of the app, to help users find content more quickly and easily. There are different guides to view, and each is created based on personal taste, friend activity, popular genres, and general GetGlue community trends. These guides are always being updated, so you get the latest and best information at any given time.

If you haven’t updated GetGlue on your Android device yet, and for those of you that haven’t tried GetGlue, you can download it for free from the Market by using the box below. Anyone  had a chance to play around with the updated GetGlue app? What do you think about the new features? Drop a comment below!