Humble Bundle lets users choose where their money goes

Humble Bundle lets users choose where their money goes

Humble Bundle, a new game market for Android, has just launched, and it offers an innovative take on purchasing games. Essentially, you choose how much to pay, and you get four games on your Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. Instead of paying for games for each of those operating systems, you pay one price, and the games are multi-platform capable. Furthermore, users can choose how much of their money goes to developers, how much goes to the Humble Bundle team (they call it a “Humble tip”), and how much goes to charity. If you feel like doing your daily good deed, you can dictate what percentage of your money goes to the Children’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The video below explains it a bit more.


As of right now, there are only four games available for purchase, but we expect more in the near future. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how people divide their money with this service. It’s worth noting that this promotion will only run for two more weeks, so get your bundle while you can! More on this as it develops.

With that being said, how would you divide your purchase? Has anyone tried Humble Bundle yet? What do you think of the games? Sound off in the comments!

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