Samsung to launch Samsung Galaxy S II Plus?

Samsung to launch Samsung Galaxy S II Plus?


Earlier today, Samsung confirmed that they dont have plans to launch a Galaxy S III, which is a bit disappointing because all of us were expecting it. Samsung is still focused on MWC, and they are preparing to introduce new devices at the event. One of those devices could be the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus.

We don’t know much about this device, other than it showed up in An3DBenchXL’s benchmark database, and it’s packing Android 2.3.4, a WVGA display, and a 1.5 GHz CPU. The Galaxy S II features a 1.2 GHz processor, whereas the Sprint Galaxy Nexus comes with a 1.5 GHz CPU, so we’re expecting the GSII Plus’s processor to be the same.

We are not sure about the processor manufacturer, but I believe that it will feature Samsung’s own Exynos processor. Furthermore, this device could be Samsung’s customizedversion of the Galaxy Nexus, featuring TouchWiz UI running on top of Android 4.0, which Google didn’t allow with their pure experience device, the Galaxy Nexus.

Hopefully if the device is real, we will see it MWC later this month. Anyone looking forward to it? What else could Samsung have planned for us in Barcelona? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous
    February 02, 00:01 Reply

    I would consider that the opposite of disappointing.   They should wait on the S3 till they can do a resolution like the Nexus with a Super Amoled Plus screen.  The S3 will destroy the competition this year and now people in the US wont have to feel like they are getting the delayed version.

  2. Mattias Olsson
    February 02, 02:31 Reply

    Is the widget also a mock-up or is it real? Really nice looking, tried to find it in market but didn’t, anyone know if it has a name?

  3. Rafaraso
    February 02, 09:27 Reply

    I dont wanna change my galaxy s2 in a gnexus, the improvement does not worth the money, I mean… I really like biggers resolutions, but it must have something more. When the sgs2 was launched it had a really huge difference compared with any other.
    ICS, almost all top phones will get soon or later.
    I want HARDWARE! I wanna rock! I wanna make appleboys cry! Rofl
    That’s it, not buying anything before 32nm processor arrives. Sgs3 now!

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