Touch Clockworkmod Recovery released for a number of devices, courtesy of Koush

Touch Clockworkmod Recovery released for a number of devices, courtesy of Koush

Clockworkmod is without doubt the most useful tool for rooters and ROM installers, providing detailed functions like backup and restore, wiping options, and of course installing ROMs.

As awesome as it may be, it can be a bit of a pain to navigate around all those options, as you have to do it using the volume buttons and the power button. To solve this, Koush has added touch to Clockworkmod and adjusted the interface to complement this. Scrolling may not be buttery smooth, and there still is a little lagm but at least you don’t have to do finger stretching exercices everytime you’re in trouble with your device. The devices supported as of yet are:

  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Desire GSM
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • Motorola Atrix 4G
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus S/Nexus S 4G
Excited yet? The new Clockworkmod is available for download from here, or from ROM Manager Premium. Who’s installed it on their device yet? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous
    February 01, 19:07 Reply

    I have ROM manager premium and it still asks me to pay for the recovery. Anybody else experience this?

  2. Alma Hix
    February 01, 20:38 Reply

    Yes this is pay to buy in rom manager, but free to manually download and install. BTW Android Cntral, when something is for sale it is not the courtesy of anybody.  Do you know what “courtesy of” means?

  3. Hansy
    February 02, 00:10 Reply

    Clockworkmod recovery touch is the new version of Koushik Dutta’s ubiquitous custom recovery software.

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