Google Docs updates tablet UI, adds offline support

Let’s face it, Google Docs never was the prettiest nor most functional app on Android and that’s quite a shame. Being an official Google app, you’d at least expect it to follow the design guidelines the very same developer stated. Another major drawback was the lack of offline reading and editing.

Both these issues have been fixed in the newest edition of the Google Docs app. You can now download your documents for offline reading and sync them later when you’re connected to the internet again the selected documents will automatically sync – but of course you can also tap the sync button.


A few enhancements have been made for your tablet as well. Documents now appear in high resolution and you can ‘flip’ pages just like you would on a book and the overall experience is a little bit better.

Google Docs doesn’t get updated that often but when there’s an update, it’s a big one. Have you used Google Docs in the past, did you stay away from it? Will this update change anything? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Thenextweb

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