March 29, 2015

Instagram ready for its Android debut?


After what feels like an agonizingly long wait, Instagram may be finally ready for its Android debut.  According to one of the guys over at InFlexWeTrust, the following notification popped up on his Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Judging by what we’re looking at it appears as if Samsung might be close to highlighting the application for the popular tablet.

Unfortunately the link didn’t work yet and the app is still nowhere to be found in the Android Market.  Perhaps things are coming together and the app is right around the corner?  Look, we get that there are only two dudes working on the Android app, but we’re growing anxious.

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  1. Leif

    Wasn’t there also a fake Instagram App in the market few days ago? Might have been this one.

    But to be honest, I can’t understand the big hype about Instagram. There are wonderful competitors like StreamZoo (launched 2011) who are available on Android and iOS, offer an own webinterface, video support and badges for social gaming. The community is pretty active and not full of brands and marketing stuff like Instagram is. 


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