New report indicates Amazon has 8.9-inch Kindle Fire for mid-2012

From just about the first moment we learned that Amazon was getting into the Android-based tablet game, we expected at least two devices.  Initially we were looking to get a 7-inch “Coyote” model followed by a 10-inch, quad-core “Hollywood” shortly thereafter. Somewhere along the line, things got changed a bit and rumor had it that the 10-inch version was getting pushed back in favor of a mid-size edition.  New details surfacing this week are adding weight to that claim as Pacific Crest analyst Chad Bartley tells us a 9-inch model is expected in mid-2012. Raising his 2012 forecast from 12.7 million shipped to 14.9 million units, Bartley wrote a note to his clients essentially confirming the medium-sized tablet.

“We believe there is an upward bias, particularly from the new 7- and 9-inch models, which we expect to launch in mid-2012,” Chad Bartley

Are any of you Kindle Fire owners looking for a larger display?  Happy with yours so far or would you enjoy a couple more inches of Amazon tablet?

Source: BGR