Series 3 of collectible Android figures leaked


Hey Android collectible lovers, check it out… We’ve got your first look at the third series of the super-fun-to-collect vinyl Android figures.  Take a look at the photo below and feast your eyes on what will be some of this year’s hottest Android mini collectibles.  As much as we dig the known designs we can’t wait to see what’s hiding behind the remaining flavors.  There’s no telling when these will be released but we’re already setting aside some extra cash.

Wonder why Google would create an all red Android figure?  Maybe a hint that the (J)elly Bean logo will be red?

Which are your favorites thus far?

Us, well, we’re pretty fond of the owl and Nexus Androids.

Respect knuckles [email protected]



  1. As a long time designer toy collector, I can say this is actually a huge step up in terms of the artists contributing. With a few notable exceptions (such as the Doktor A in series 2) most of the really well designed figures have all come from Andrew Bell himself (the creator of the series). I’m really excited to see more popular artists like Sket One, Huck Gee, and MAD joining. Now, what are the chances we can talk Andrew in to producing an 8″ version?

    Also, if I’m doing my math right, it looks like one of the mystery ratio toys may well be super rare, since they only have 1/32 to split between the two of them. It is possible they’ll both be 1/64 (which is really rare in itself) but if I had to guess, I’d say they’re going to make one of them 3/128 and the other 1/128. That’s assuming 16 figures per case and 8 cases per crate. (The ratios are based on how many of each figure the manufacturer puts in each case with at least 1 of each going in to a crate – usually either 4 or 8 cases).

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