Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note ICS update to be released in March?

Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note ICS update to be released in March?

It seems that Samsung is working on Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, as Eldar Murtazin is saying that Sammy will launch the update for both devices on March 1st. Eldar also told us about the Galaxy S II Plus, which is rumored to be arriving in April.

If we go back in the past, Eldar has always been true and accurate about his words, so hopefully we can expect the update for both Galaxy Note and S II soon. Of course, an official statement from Samsung wouldn’t hurt. As always with rumors of this type, we’re not making any bets on it until we get confirmation.

So, we want to hear from you! Are any Galaxy Note or Galaxy S II users out there getting excited for March 1st? Do you think Samsung will deliver on this rumored release? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Groaner
    February 12, 16:02 Reply

    We’ve been patient up to now. Now I just want it! I don’t want to have to go back to a Odin’d ROM to improve my battery life so I hope this fixes the issue.

  2. Lucasgcamacho19069314
    February 12, 17:51 Reply


    I have a samsung galaxy s2 and i’ve been waiting impatiently for the ics to come out. im really looking forward to march 1st. Im so excited even if its not official yet.

    • agent k
      February 16, 19:23 Reply

      s2 plus in april? when is the s3 coming? :( 

  3. Alizafarshah
    February 12, 18:36 Reply

    I am a Note user and very optimistic about ics on 1st march. Hope it comes earlier. Been long since samsung has been working on it!

  4. Jay
    February 12, 18:54 Reply

    It might be march 1st for the international gs2, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for the US variants.

  5. Jarrahfjasem
    February 12, 18:57 Reply

    Hello, I have GS2, I wish samsung release ICS on march “official” instead of using odin and other stuffs.

  6. pjv
    February 12, 19:11 Reply

    how about the Tab 10.1?

  7. BirmzyBwoi
    February 12, 21:26 Reply

    I hope so, i grow anxious to see if substantial upgrades have been made; as promised from Samsung.

  8. Dadamndude
    February 12, 22:40 Reply

    I’ve been waiting but I don’t think that the update won’t be out for the US because of so many variances of the SGS2. Plus we haven’t heard anything from Samsung.

  9. Ghazisa82
    February 13, 02:53 Reply

    Hope my awesome galaxy note gets the update soon

  10. THY
    February 13, 09:32 Reply

    I’m loving my note and would even better with ics. 

  11. Samuthphka
    February 13, 12:04 Reply

    I got the epic 4G touch since the first day it came out and ive been waiting for the ics update sammy need to hurry up with this new release!

  12. sandman
    February 13, 15:42 Reply

    I just hope its true.. i dont want to take chances with one of those leaked firmware..

  13. Mak
    February 13, 16:05 Reply

    After reading tons of reviews and video related to ICS, yes I m waiting for ICS for my S2.

  14. Érick
    February 13, 20:38 Reply

    For Bell in quebec to, i hope

  15. Aclin12
    February 14, 04:11 Reply

    YES! I’m very excited to get this for my G-note.It was one of the reasons I bought the note and you have to believe you just have to.

  16. Callicanpol
    February 18, 12:47 Reply

    I too have a Samsung Galaxy S II, and I can’t wait for this update to hit my device. I think ICS will be the same as the Android 2.3.6 for those who have this device. Cross your fingers.

  17. Raomasoodbabar
    February 19, 08:04 Reply

    Sure because galaxy note is a revolution in mobile phone·a world.

  18. Jojo
    February 20, 01:40 Reply

    Waiting :) Waiting for ICS

  19. SGN
    March 01, 03:17 Reply

    No update!!!!! Malaysia SGN

  20. Maya
    March 13, 04:42 Reply

    would like to see how good it works and if it can split two acct’s on google talk. i have a Galaxy S II.

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