BitDefender Relationship Scanner: Keep your love life and Android free from virus

BitDefender, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day spirit, has released a new virus protection that could save your (love) life.  Called Relationship Scanner, it’s a free service that checks and protects against the various types of viruses that can affect relationships.  Although it’s totally fun stuff that has no real impact on you and your loved one, it can earn you some free security for your computer or laptop.

First, you gotta run through the Relationship Scanner.  Once you’re all done you will have earned a 90 day license of Bitdefender Total Security 2012.  While it’s not the same as the Android application and service it’s just as good and from a trusted name.  If you have not tried BitDefender for your Android phone or tablet then we recommend kicking the tires on the 14-day trial!

  1. One of the partners enters his/her name, email address and the “viruses” he found in the relationship.
  2. After providing his partner’s details, the application contacts the better half asking for the “viruses” he/she discovered in the relationship.
  3. Both partners are then asked to “disinfect” the relationship from the “viruses”.
  4. They live happily ever after.