Sprint letting select customer “Upgrade Now” with pro-rated fees

Sprint letting select customer “Upgrade Now” with pro-rated fees

Why bother waiting until your two year service agreement is up just to get that discounted handset when Sprint will let you do it now?  According to SprintFeed, the Now Network fellas are letting a number of eligible users pick up a new smartphone with pro-rated upgrade fees that run anywhere from $36-$165 depending on tenure. If it has been more than eight months since your last upgrade then you may be able to get another discounted handset.

You’ll have to head to a corporate store to get the deal but there are a number of caveats to check first. The promo runs from February 12 through March 14th and only applies to select users. This won’t work if you are on a corporate rate plan, or if the line is for an iDen phone, Airave, or tablet. Further, if you are in collections (shame, shame!) then you’ll run into a brick wall.

UPDATE: We received word from Sprint that this is a trial program in select markets only.

Sprint continues to be committed to earning our customers’ loyalty. The offer is intended to help give customers who are on contract but may need (or want) a new phone another option. This is not a nationwide program. It is a trial program in select markets.

Here’s a breakdown of expected upgrade fees for each time frame:

  • $165 for 9-11 months ago
  • $125 for 12-14 months ago
  • $95 for 15-17 months ago
  • $55 for 18-21 months ago
  • $36 for 22+ months (standard)

Checking through some of SprintFeed’s comments it appears that a couple of folks have run into snags so your mileage may vary. Let us know if you would consider upgrading your smartphone and, if so, which would you opt for?

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  1. Ben-Jamin
    February 13, 19:45 Reply

    Seems a bit pricey to me. Most people have a year to go, 100 plus is too much. 

  2. Ben-Jamin
    February 13, 19:45 Reply

    Seems a bit pricey to me. Most people have a year to go, 100 plus is too much. 

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