New Trade-In Program.. Gift Cards for old phones at Verizon Wireless

New Trade-In Program.. Gift Cards for old phones at Verizon Wireless

This Valentine’s Day marks the launch of the latest trade-in program at Verizon Wireless. Encouraging its customers to “save the planet”, Big Red is allowing eligible customers to redeem their old handsets for gift cards to use at the Verizon store.

Instantly redeemable gift cards can be used in store to purchase a new phone, tablet or other accessory. Also, you can use the gift card towards your bill. A representative will need to give a quick evaluation of the device and its condition.  Depending on the make, model and condition you could receive up to $300.

“We recognize that customers want to get all of the value they can from the devices they’ve already purchased,” said Robert Miller, vice president of marketing, Verizon Wireless. “Verizon Wireless’ In Store Trade-In Program is a great way to give them that value.”

Perhaps you are more in the giving mood, or maybe VZW doesn’t value your handset enough to make a difference, you could always donate your device to the Verizon HopeLine campaign.

Individuals also can donate their no-longer-used cell phones to the long-running HopeLine® from Verizon program, which collects wireless devices and accessories to support victims of domestic violence. Since the October 2001 launch of the national cell phone recycling program, HopeLine has collected more than 9 million phones, distributed more than 123,000 phones with the equivalent of 406 million airtime minutes to victims of domestic violence, and awarded more than $14 million in cash grants to organizations working to prevent domestic violence. In addition, HopeLine from Verizon has properly disposed of more than 1.7 million no-longer-used wireless phones in an environmentally sound way and kept more than 210 tons of electronic waste and batteries out of landfills.

Source: VZW

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  1. Lucrecia
    February 15, 12:29 Reply

    At least you got $7 – I am a current Verizon customer and when I took in 5 phones yesterday, I didn’t even get $5 for any of them much less all of them put together. Verizon is being very picky about what they will recieve back and how much they will give you for it – they really though only want their own phones back even though it isn’t written anywhere that they won’t take another carriers. I tried to trade-in 3 of my daughter’s prepaid, Tracfone cell phones to put against my upgrade and they wouldn’t take any of them. The phones were inexpensive so I don’t mind keeping them. I just wish they retained some value at all.

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