Skeye.dart, the PDA now features the Android OS

Skeye.dart, the PDA now features the Android OS

Maxa Technologies just released a new version of their skeye.dart PDA for mobile computing. The previous model uses Windows Mobile v6 of all things, so its easy to understand the move to Android. This new unit is also boasting some better specifications than the previous one. Increasing the CPU speed by ~33%, it’s safe to assume this latest model is a single core 1ghz processor. The device also has twice as much RAM as its predecessor along with faster 3G connectivity.

I personally had no idea that PDA’s were still being manufactured. The most interesting aspect of this story is the fact that the Dutch Navy deploys the skeye.dart as a part of its wireless communications system using both voice and data transmission via the single handheld device. The device is running Android v2.3 Gingerbread, but with the specs listed above I cannot foresee any updates coming in the future. It’s likely the device will live and die with the Gingerbread OS.

Mike Ashcroft, Director of Technical Services at Maxatec, said: “Android has developed into a leading Smartphone operating system, and as such there is an extremely high level of acceptance with not only consumers, but also enterprise. The open-source system reduces the dependency on some of the key market players, allows software developers various programming options and the operating system provides a high degree of security which is paramount in the growing mobile market sector.”

Source: MaxaTech

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