Google’s Sundar Pichai chats future of Chrome, Android app

Google’s Sundar Pichai chats future of Chrome, Android app

The head honcho behind Google’s Chrome effort, Sundar Pichai, recently spent a bit of time chatting with CNET about where the browser is now and where it’s going.  Rather than break down the full details, we’ll just pull apart the stuff that matters more to Android users.  In other words, what’s up with the new Chrome app for Android and what can we expect?

When asked about early feedback and download figures, Pichai suggested that Google was very pleased with the 100,000-500,000 market.  Considering that it’s a beta release on a platform that accounts for 1% of all Android devices, it makes sense that this is a good start.  As Android 4.0 hasn’t really hit many tablets, Pichai advises that the larger display sizes is where the browser will shine.  Like any good beta product, Chrome is expected to iterate often and will add new features all the time.

We are going to continue releasing Chrome for Android at a pretty healthy pace. In a year from now, we’re going to take leaps and bounds.

Speaking on the subject of likes and dislikes, Google has heard plenty of love for the speed of the browser, bookmark sync, and the tab stacking.  On the other end of the spectrum Google sees improvement in the ability to view desktop versions of sites and full screen browsing.   As far as the concerns about Adobe Flash support, Pichai indicates that the heavy push for HTML5 should not make for too much of a problem.

Be sure to head over to CNET to check out the rest of the interview, especially if you’re a fan of Chrome on your desktop.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 22, 08:04 Reply

    Full screen browsing? I will be so pissed.

    The number one improvement for me in Chrome over the built-in browser is the fact that the address bar doesn’t disappear when you scroll. If they bring that awful, awful feature back I’m not going to be happy about it.

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