HTC makes mysterious post on Facebook, what does it mean?

HTC makes mysterious post on Facebook, what does it mean?

Those who follow HTC on Facebook will have noticed a rather ambiguous post this morning. The picture above was posted along with a one sentence commentary.

This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.

We do like fast things around these parts. The real issue that’s burning in our minds is the 5 that is emblazoned across the graphic above. Does that referernce the 5 days that we have until this Sunday? What about the 5-pogo-pin of the yet to be announced HTC One X? Perhaps it refers to the five alien masters that brought their collective hive mind together to design this mysterious device? We know not, but rest assured that come this Sunday (according to HTC), we will all be enlightened.

Got an idea as to what HTC is planning? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous
    February 22, 18:15 Reply

    Pending Apple Lawsuits?

    Couldn’t be that few….

  2. HTC_Fanb0y
    February 22, 20:06 Reply

    Who cares, HTC makes crap phones…  I’ve owned 2 and will never own another again.

  3. Doug Fiedor
    February 22, 20:08 Reply

    That’s what a lot of us asked for a while back:  Tegra 3 with a 5″+ screen.  Maybe we’re getting it.  

  4. Anonymous
    February 22, 20:28 Reply

    Let’s hope the phone doesn’t resemble that picture. Because it looks like it would have hardware buttons instead of the on-screen ICS ones.

  5. Ben Thorp
    February 23, 04:08 Reply

    Either it’s a 5″ device, or it has “5” cores – quad-core processor and separate graphics processor.

  6. Olit141
    February 23, 06:48 Reply

    I love how in the related topics first article is ‘NVIDIA explains “fifth core,” HTC launching it at MWC?’

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