March 5, 2015

HTC One X image leaked - looks familiar


We recently came to know about HTC’s new name branding, and the two phones under this branding are HTC One X and One S. HTC One X is actually the HTC Endeavor/Edge which will be launched at the Mobile World Congress next week. Our friends over at Pocketnow managed to get their hands on leaked shot of the HTC One X, and the device looks familiar (reminds me of Sensation).

It comes with a 4.7-inch 720p display, Android 4.0, and also it has capacitive buttons as well. While  previously announced ICS devices are without any front-buttons, maybe HTC wants to change the style a bit.

The HTC One X and a few other models will be launched with the updated version of the famous user interface known as Sense UI 4.0. It’s a matter of few days now, so folks grab your popcorn  and get ready for MWC.

Are you looking forward to the One X? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: Pocket-Now

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    • Asad

      That’s what I said, maybe SenseUI have different option or something, hence the capacitive buttons

      • Ammar Malik

        how many previously announced ICS devices have you seen? Galaxy Nexus? That’s it. The on-screen buttons were just for style, there’s no such requirement from Google.

  1. Sid

    Is it just me or haven’t all the HTC phones been looking the same since I dunno how long now. I regret to say this but HTC has only been improving its hardware design in very small increments. This phone looks like my much older Nexus One. They need to start taking much bigger leaps in the hw department.


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