Ice Cream Sandwich for Toshiba Thrive coming this spring

Ice Cream Sandwich for Toshiba Thrive coming this spring

The Toshiba thrive, now available in 7-inch and 10-inch versions is due to receive an update to Android v4.0 by the end of Spring 2012. While no super official word has been released, ¬†Eric Paulsen confirmed via Twitter they are shooting for an update by June. I say June, because that’s when Spring officially ends and summer begins.

I’m not sure what the hold up is, Toshiba doesn’t have a ton of Android devices to support. As far as i can tell, they only have the Thrive in 2 versions with different screen sizes. So why does it take six or seven months to issue an update? It’s one of my biggest issues with anyone making a high-end Android device.

Words of Wisdom for OEM’s: If you want to play this game, provide your end-users with a product that shows you are invested enough to continue supporting the device after you get paid. Chances are they will keep coming back for the next round of high-end Androids if you do.

Source: ComputerWorld

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