Samsung: 20 million Galaxy S II phones in first 10 months


Who needs to announce a Galaxy S III when the current model is selling faster than ever?  Samsung today revealed that they have sold more than 20 million Galaxy S II smartphones since it made its debut in April 2011.  After jumping out to 10 million sales in the first six months, the second 10 million have come in the last four months.  Of course it helps when you have a U.S. presence during that second half of the period, but who’s keeping track?

It stands to reason that Samsung doesn’t feel the need to cannibalize their own sales by offering up a new model.  Hitting the 20 million mark seven months faster than the first Galaxy S handset, this is the company’s fastest selling smartphone ever.  Maybe they can ride this horse for a bit longer…

Congratulations to Samsung for the 20 million figure and we can’t wait to see what’s next!



  1. There’s no point delaying S3 launch just to ride on the S2 sales. When the S3 launches, the S2 will be at a much cheaper price point so wouldn’t be competing as much. Many people who can’t afford the S3 would be happy to settle for the S2. I say, keep them coming on a yearly cycle but keep the old versions around to satisfy consumers looking for cheaper handsets. I’ve had my S2 for about 9 months now and it is the only handset I can honestly say, has aged well. 9 months is a long time in terms of phone tech so it has definitely done well.