Samsung GT-N8000 passes Bluetooth Certification, Galaxy Note successor?

Samsung GT-N8000 passes Bluetooth Certification, Galaxy Note successor?

Samsung will be at Mobile World Congress, and surely they’ll be introducing new devices. As we get closer and closer to MWC, more and more leaked devices make their way to us, and today is no exception. A Samsung device showed up at Bluetooth SIG, codenamed as GT-N8000, and it’s listed as “Samsung Mobile Tablet.” Now for reference, the model number of the Galaxy Note is GT-N7000.

This might be the leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that we heard about, as its model number is close to the original Galaxy Note. Also, the GT-N8000 is listed as an “end product,” which means that it’s complete and ready to be launched anytime. There’s really no other information on the GT-N8000 right now, but rumors and logic tell us that this is the Galaxy Note 10.1.

While we wait for Samsung to clear the air at Mobile World Congress next week, what are your thoughts about the GT-N8000? Could it be the Galaxy Note 10.1? Does Samsung have something else up their sleeve? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Spluh
    February 24, 06:45 Reply

    I’m just waiting for the 11.6 tablet. How big is the chance that it will be introduce at the MWC (cause I haven’t seen a Bluetooth cert of it)

  2. GiqueGEAR_Todd
    February 25, 00:47 Reply

    How can something that is not even mature have a successor already?  Test-tube-tablet ? Samsung slow down so the rest of us can enjoy the present without hating the future :-)

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