More rumors surface about 7-inch Google tablet

More rumors surface about 7-inch Google tablet

We first heard whispers about Google launching their own tablet, which might go under the Nexus name, about three months ago. Digitimes claimed a few weeks later that the device was real, and would be a 7-inch tablet. More rumors have been going around about the possibility of a Nexus tablet, and this time it’s coming from a DisplaySearch analyst. He (or she) has told CNET that the device will indeed be 7 inches, with a 1280 x 800 resolution display, running Ice Cream Sandwich. The tablet is rumored to have a price tag around $199, which would make it a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire. We wish there was more to go on, but there’s not at the moment.

So, if the rumors are true, Google’s tablet will have a decent display, ICS, and a good price. Now before we all go rushing to the store to preorder one, we have to evaluate the validity of these claims. When Google finishes its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, it’ll gain ownership over the original Xoom, and both the 10.1-inch and 8.2-inch Xyboards. This begs the question of why Google would want another tablet in the first place.

So until we get some concrete evidence, we’ll be taking these rumors with little more than a grain of salt, and we advise you to do the same. All that being said, we want to know what you think. Could Google really be planning their own tablet, or is it all smoke and mirrors? Sound off in the comments below!

Source CNET

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