Google not satisfied with Music numbers, aims for better results in 2012

Google not satisfied with Music numbers, aims for better results in 2012

Google Music launched just a few months ago, and has since been widely adapted by users as a place to store, stream, and discover music. By all accounts, Google Music seemed to be doing very well, but that might not be the case according to CNET. Google has reportedly notified music labels that their Q4 2011 numbers for customer adoption and revenue were lower than expected, and that worries quite a few music executives. Of course, the service itself is less than four months old, so there isn’t a mad dash to improve just yet. It’s also worth noting that Google hasn’t exactly marketed Music as much as they did with Google+, so it’s not that surprising that the service hasn’t fared as well as they would’ve liked.

Sources are telling CNET that Google plans to put the full force of their marketing power behind Google Music, once it “implements its hardware strategy.” Yes, we said hardware. Google is reportedly planning to launch a number of consumer devices to compete with Apple. Mum is the word on what types of devices we’ll see, but our best guess would be a line of music players, with WiFi capabilities, that will sync seamlessly with Google Music. And of course, there’s always the rumored Google tablet that we’ve been hearing about. In any case, a Google rep declined to comment on any of these claims, so only time will tell. More on this as it develops.

So what do you think could be the cause of Google Music’s low figures? Could it be due to Google’s inability to sign a deal with Warner Music Group? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Egidio
    February 25, 11:51 Reply

    The low numbers could be in part due to the fact the Google Music is unreliable. Several users, like me, cannot get the Music app to remember our settings.  Google’s customer service in that area is dismal, too.  All they have is canned replies that do nothing to help the customer solve the problem.

  2. RiceEatingFlip
    February 25, 12:01 Reply

    Oh gawd Google. Don’t cut Google Music, I use the hell out of it!

  3. Leif Sikorski
    February 25, 12:15 Reply

    I love it, but the biggest issue is the point it’s US only. If there is one thing Google should learn is to stop limiting some of their services to US only. I got it finally working here in Germany, but with US Adress and US VPN – not many will do that just to buy music.

  4. Anonymous
    February 25, 12:34 Reply

    My main issue with Google Music is the inability to download the music in MP3 form. It’s the main reason I continue to use Amazon MP3 for my music purchases.

  5. ebshort9
    February 25, 13:17 Reply

    Need to advertise more on t.v.. also, need more songs old and new. The price is more on G MUSIC than itunes and amazon.

  6. Anonymous
    February 25, 14:58 Reply

    This is very surprising. Google Music may not be worldwide yet, but there are millions, if not tens of millions of Android users in the USA alone. It’s a huge shocker that they wouldn’t want to use Google Music for their digital music purchases. Not sure how well Google Music integrates with the iPhone, but people can purchase music from any computer through Google Music and play the songs on their iDevice too.

  7. Mike Silva
    February 25, 20:28 Reply

    Google need to open the services to other markets too.
    There are lots of Google fans all over the world that feel forgoten with this region locking, and I thought we had aleready past the video region incompatibility long ago…

  8. Anthony
    February 26, 09:21 Reply

    have to mess about with vpn and such to make it work in Europe that’s another reason i gave up with it.

  9. Bob
    February 26, 16:15 Reply

    Try making the service global, theres an idea!

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