Is this the Xperia Play 2? Mobile gaming with a dual core CPU and HD display

Is this the Xperia Play 2? Mobile gaming with a dual core CPU and HD display

A few months ago we talked about Verizon getting an LTE version of the Xperia Play, well this go around points to a whole new device that might fit those shoes. With over 200 games optimized for play on the original device from Sony, they’ve proven their loyalty to the gaming crowd. Games like Madden ’12 and EA Sports FIFA ’12 are among the leading titles optimized for the original model.

Looking quite a bit different than the original model, this mockup seems to abandon the original curves. On the rumor spec list is a 1.5ghz dual-core SnapDragon S4 CPU with a 4.3″ Hi-Def display. Of course it will be Playstation certified as well.

We’re a little concerned by the capacitive buttons, as they may be indicative of Gingerbread running on the device. However, if you had the original model this should be a major step-up. Improvements like a dual core processor should make a world of difference in the gaming experience.

Source: MobileMag

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  1. dakronic
    March 05, 11:36 Reply

    Does this have more phone storage without sd card 400mb on orignal was way to low
    And some games lagged hope all us sorted I will be defo buying this just hurry up and release im game addicted and am eger awaiting better version release
    Good idea is to have phone with root access a standard cos usp always adds bloatware hipe sont will do this
    Rooted phone dobt mean they can overclockrx that stopped by custom kernals

    Had lot software that phone will not run due to needing root access so cum on Sony do what public wants

  2. Mehdi Moha
    May 01, 13:21 Reply

    xperia play 2 should be quad core , with tegra 3 !

    oh god , that should be #1

  3. streity
    November 16, 22:33 Reply

    not a good shape to hold in ur hands to play with buttons.

  4. James Bond
    November 18, 10:12 Reply

    looks ugly. original play looks way better

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