Samsung Galaxy S III to have 4.8 inch display and ceramic casing?

Samsung Galaxy S III to have 4.8 inch display and ceramic casing?

 Our friends over at BGR got their hands on some interesting art of the supposed next, super high-end Galaxy device from Samsung Mobile. Word is this beauty will feature a 4.8″, possibly Super Amoled Plus HD display. Samsung is known for their awesomely big, bright & gorgeous screens and this one should not disappoint. We’re still not sure when this will be announced, they made us aware it wouldn’t be next week at Mobile World Congress so maybe it’ll be May before we see it.

Oddly enough, BGR is reporting the entire back of the device will be made of ceramic. I’m not sure what to think of this latest rumor, but it sure is an interesting one. Back to normality, I am sure it will include the latest and greatest quad core CPU with maybe 2GB of RAM.

Pretty sweet looking photo right? No wasted bezel space is a welcomed surprise. If you have any thoughts, share them with us below.

Source: BGR

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  1. Mike Silva
    February 25, 20:34 Reply

    This picture is an theoretical ideal for some one, I don’t belive in so small bezel.
    Ceramic doesn’t fit well in Galaxy Line of Samsung phones because it is heavy and fragile (not to say more expensive than plastic ;)

  2. Mick
    February 27, 20:46 Reply

    I’m sure most people have worked this out and realise this already, but when they say ‘ceramic’ they’re not talking the plates and bowls you use at home.
    This will obviously be a ceramic composite which could potentially offer a much stronger and durable (scratch resistant) casing. Quite exciting to see companies explore alternate materials in such a way.

  3. d_s_b_au
    February 27, 22:11 Reply

    Why the picture of Sydney Harbour? I’ve seen other supposed images of the S3 and they have the same pics.

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